Soledad Sevilla, milimeter of solitude

Milimetre of solitude portrays the creative process of the last pictoric work by Soledad Sevilla, “New remoteness”. It makes reference to far landscapes she paints. In the documentary, Soledad Sevilla (1944) insists in the importance of one milimetre. For the artist, this definition is key, that detail makes the difference of a well-made work. The camera shows the silence of her workshop, where she works against the clock to finish the last paintings, while she gets interrupted by other requirements. We go with her to El Escorial, where she lectures a conference about the transformation of her work and to Granada, where she sets up an installation and an exhibition of her work during the 80s.


During the 70s, Soledad Sevilla participated in the Seminar of Plastic Automatic Forms, organised by the Calculus Center of the Complutense University of Madrid, whe she developed what it became the basis of her posterior work. During the 80s, thanks to a grant of the Hispanic American Comitee, she moves to Harvard University to research about the geometric concepts, a field she had work until then. And there, in Boston, she created two series that meant a turning-poing in her career: The Menines and the Alhambras. She set up her first art installation.


Between that work and “New remoteness” more than 30 years have passed. A time we try to analyse in this film.




Visual Arts, Painting


1 x 60'


One Off