Tell me why you are not searching, Soledad Puertolas

The documentary “Tell me why you are not searching”, shows the creative process of a writer that looks for the exact word, with no adjectives. Educated during years in the study, in the research, the curiosity and the patience, Soledad Puertolas has spent more than 30 years unravelling the difficulties of “telling”. She creates stories of a delicate narrative framework, where apparently nothing happens, but behind, the conflict is hidden until the moment she decides when the story takes over.


Re-inventing an imagined book, “Tell me why you are not searching” exchanges some aspects of the writer’s life together with the fiction of her books. The story spins around the best selection of different fragments of her work to try to re-write another novel, the novel of her life.


The documentary presents the closest and best testimonies of those who know the writer well to portray her more intimate side, such as her husband, her children, her sister Clotilde, her closest friends, her agent Raquel de la Concha, her editor Jorge Herralde or even the doctor of the family who she visits for several years now.






1 x 58'


One Off