The arab spring in tunisia

En Portada analyses the Arab world years after the revolts.
The piece starts in Sidi Bouzid, the city where the revolution started.
If people want to leave… this is the title of a poem by the Tunisian poet Abu Al Qasim Al Shabbi, who describes the yearning for freedom of a society willing to break their chains. It is 5 years now since the beginning of the so called Arab Spring.
In Tunisia, the riots started on December 2010, but they really broke out the night of January 14th 2011. That day, the Tunisians who occupied the streets to the cry of “Ben Ali, get out” saw their desire come true. The President Ben Ali, who ruled with an iron fist during 23 years, fled the country with his family. Since then he lives in a golden and unpunished exile in Saudi Arabia.
This was the first result of a popular movement, that in 2011 spread all over the Arab countries, from Western Sahara to Yemen
En Portada analyses the evolution of those “Arab Springs”, especially the one in Tunisia that has been, possibly, the more successful of them, in a certain way. Years after that revolution, the big demands (bread, work, freedom, justice…) are still pending.




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