The battle for Europe

En Portada tackles the influence of different lobbies to political parties that tries to doubt or destroy the European project.


En Portada analizes the threat to the building project of Europe created by several populist right-wing parties, euroskeptics or sovereigntists facing the European elections of next may 26th.

We enter in the efforts of Steve Bannon, the former advisor of President Trump, and strategist of The Movement, an organization that tries to gather different populist right-wing groups in Europe, to create a super group in the European Parliament that obstructs the European integration process.

En Portada visits the Trisulti monastery in Italy, where Benjamin Harnwell prepares the academy where Bannon wants to train the sovereigntist leaders of the future.  Behind this academy is the Dignitatin Humanae Institute, where we have checked how Bannon and other ultraconservatives, mostly British and Americans, have took power.  Our crew have talked to Mischaël Modrikamen, Bannon’s men in Europe and founder of The Movement.

Fort he sovereigntists, the American investor and philanthropists Georges Soros, is also an enemy to beat in this fight.  We have talked to the director of the Open Society Initiative for Europe, Jordi Vaquer.

Our search to understand why the traditional left-wing voters end up voting for extreme-right options took us to the small French village of Hénin-Beumont, known as Marie Le Pen’s laboratory.  We start and end our piece right there.




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