The battle of copper

En Portada tackles this mining conflict in Peru.

Mining is one of the main economic forces in Peru, but at the same time is the origin of 1 out of 3 social conflicts in the country.

En Portada travels to the South of Peru, to the region of Arequipa, to enter in a conflict that runs now for more than 6 years. The “Tia María” mining project is driven by the Mexican company Southern, in the Valle de Tambo. It is about two open air copper mines.

The proximity to the valley, mainly made of farming lands, worries to their inhabitants that have shown a strong opposition to the project. Protest have ended with at least 7 dead people, dozens of injured and more than one hundred arrests.

En Portada analyses this conflict through their main characters, confronting both sides through facts and testimonies, in a battle that still continues and which wounds are still open.

The case of “Tía María” is an example of the social conflicts generated by mining in Peru, a country where one fifth of its territory has been handed to mining companies.




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