The big business of Angola

En Portada follows the trail of corruption of the Dos Santos family in Angola.

Isabel dos Santos, daughter of the former President of Angola, is accused by the country’s Attorney’s Office of embezzlement and money laundering. 


“The big business of Angola” is a route around Luanda and its surroundings to document the most flashing cases of corruption in the African country.  From small extorsion cases to peddlers by some policemen to the high corruption lead by politicians and senior Angolan officials.

Something has changed with the arrival of the new President, João Lourenço.  Now, justice seems to follow the steps of some figures considered as untouchable short time ago.  The Dos Santos family is the best example.  They controlled during decades the political and economic power of the country.  The patriarch is Jose Eduardo dos Santos, an independence hero and Prime Minister for 38 years.   Many appoints him as the main responsible of a whole corrupted system.  He lives today in a mansion in the exclusive Barcelona’s neighborhood of Pedralbes.

His first-born daughter, Isabel dos Santos, is considered the richest and most powerful woman of Africa.  She is accused by the Angolan Attorney’s Office of embezzlement and money laundering, after her management as CEO of Sonangol, the state-owned petrol company.  Isabel dos Santos denies all charges.

Corruption in Angola has also a Spanish plot.  The public companies Mercasa and Defex are being investigated by the Spanish National High Court.  En Portada has visited a wholesale market that costed 533 million US dollars to the public purse of Angola and that is currently stopped.  The judge José de la Mata thinks there were bribes to win contracts.




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