The Brexit Border

When the Brits voted to leave the EU they forgot they had a terrestrial border, and that it was too problematic.  This oversight has become the main obstacle that leaded to the extension of Brexit.


En Portada has visited the border between Norther Ireland and the Republic of Ireland, and has experienced the anguish it causes to its inhabitants.  


“It is not only they forgot about us, we were not even in their heads”, “they did not see the Irish problem coming”, “Brexit for Irish people comes down to a border: checks, freedom of movement, the peace process and the bad old times”.  These are only some of the thoughts that open this work, a road movie around the 500 kilometers of border that divides the United Kindgom from the European Union, they day the leave.  This border, that for over a century has split the island or Ireland in two: the Northern Irland (United Kingdom) and the Republic of Ireland.

“Don’t call it the Irish border, this is a border imposed by the Brits against our will, and that has left us a scar in our brains that will last for many more years that the border itself”, “a key part of the peace agreements of 1998 was that it will never be another border that split the island in two”.  We have heard the fears generated in Norther Ireland and the possible consequences in the daily life or the ordinary people after the UK leaves the EU which has already created lots of confusion when the negotiations are coming to an end.

The Brexit Border talks about the economic risks feared by entrepreneurs and stock raisers, the fear of movement restriction, after the big efforts made to erase the border during the last 20 years.  The fear that the weak peace process may get worse and violence may return between Catholics and Protestants.  We also hear those who voted for leaving the EU, a minority in Scotland and the Northern Ireland.




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