The First Voyage Around the World

At the beginning of the 16th century, the far reaches of the world were still unknown, and something so simple as spices became the factor that changed history. On September 20, 1519, five ships departed from the port of Sanlúcar to find a passage to the Spice Islands from the west, an almost impossible challenge previously attempted by Columbus and other navigators without any success. No one imagined what awaited them, not even they suspected that they would end up being the first people to circumnavigate the earth. This original production, consisting of six episodes, tells the unbelievable story of man’s first voyage around the world. Featuring historical experts and fictionalized interviews with Magellan and Elcano, the series addresses every detail of an unprecedented historical feat, where courage and superstition coexisted with the fight for survival. Everything that surrounded this incredible and risky journey continues to raise questions 500 years later. Was the goal of the trip really to achieve the circumnavigation of the Earth? What was the total budget and how did they manage to feed themselves over such a long period of time? And most importantly, what is this feat’s legacy in the modern world?


Ep. 1 A start-up of the 21st Century

Ep. 2 Wooden spaceships

Ep. 3 Half a ducat for a rat

Ep. 4 A floating prison

Ep. 5 Gods, mermaids, and the end of the world

Ep. 6 We made the Earth round







6 x 45'






The History Channel Iberia