The hidden battle

The story of the Spanish mineral that shaped the course of WWII

There is a particular historical event that has remained concealed from the general public until today: the Battle for Wolfram fought by the Allies against Spain during World War II. The source of the conflict was wolfram – a strategic mineral required by German industry at the time -, which the Franco Regime allowed the Nazis to extract for their war machinery.

For many years it has been generally believed that Spain was neutral during the Second World War but in actual fact, a crucial, totally unheard of battle was fought in this country at the time. Although during the Nüremberg trials it was one of the subjects to be dealt with in the interrogations held, a big mystery and many unanswered questions remain concerning this episode in the history of Spain that is also outstanding and significant in European and World history.

There were many who tried to keep the episode hidden from the public eye by investing considerable amounts of money to that end as well as by destroying documents and removing traces of evidence.

Substantial efforts and resources were devoted to conceal Spain’s Nazi past, the identity of many Nazi personalities and the accumulation of wealth by the latter. In Spain they managed to achieve their goal: there is hardly any documentary evidence left.

But that episode couldn’t remain hidden forever and eventually it came to light as a result of the declassification of a series of documents in the USA, Great Britain and Germany.

That “unknown battle” was the Battle for Wolfram which the Allies fought against Spain because of that mineral’s strategic importance for Germany and the fact that Spain allowed the Nazis to extract it and use as an input in their weapons factories.


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