The last ones of Calais

The dismantling of “The Jungle”, the biggest refugee’s camp in France, has turned Calais in the laboratory of what may happen all across Europe.

The seagulls are back to the dunes of Calais, where it once grew the biggest settlement of immigrants and refugees in France ever. Even their habitants called it “The Jungle”, a unhealthy place where it once was a dump with very few infrastructures, filled with tarps and plastics, where around 10,000 people crammed. Our team has lived in first hand this process to evaluate the current European migration policy.

The dismantling of the Calais Camp was a shock in front of 500 journalists from all over the world who witnessed how the immigrants got on buses, leaving their dream to reach the United Kingdom behind. Those buses took them to different accommodation centers all around France. This was a political success for President Holland, who was accused of looking somewhere else, allowing a foreign settlement in French soil. Despite the fact this dispersion has reduced the tensions and incidents in the Eurotunnel, nobody doubts this measure will not stop the migration fluxes of those willing to cross Europe towards the United Kingdom, where they have relatives or friends. Actually, the Accommodation Centers have literally emptied and the presence of immigrants is slowly growing around the Calais area.

What happened in Calais is in line with the new policies of the European Union, which due to a lack of common policies seems to agree to stop the migration fluxes and to harden its asylum policies.




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