The Lebanese conflict

Lebanon is the scenery for the battle to control the Middle East, between Saudi Arabia and Iran. 

En Portada explores the latest events in Lebanon after the crisis created by the resignation in Saudi Arabia by the Prime Minister, Saad Hariri. 


Lebanon is a good place to understand the fight that started a couple of years ago to control the Middle East.  There are two protagonists: Iran and Saudi Arabia.  Shiites and Sunnis.  All their strategies and influences have a reflex in the daily politic life of Lebanon.

In addition to the changing situation in the South border, with the presence of UN peacekeeping forces, “The Lebanese conflict” shows those trying to defend the Shiite and Sunni influence in the country.  We visit refugee camps and we talk to the news correspondent that may better know the county, Tomas Alcoverro.  Working for La Vanguardia, he finishes his reflections with an immortal phrase: “Who thinks to understand what happens in Lebanon is because they are not well informed”




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