The long night of Caracas

En Portada shows the convulsed days lived in Venezuela.

The massive power cuts suffered have shown the scarcities of a society who recognizes as rich but feels poor.  


A dark airport, immigration officers registering by hand the newly arrived, a deserted road with no lights… This is the way we found Caracas upon our arrival.  And so was during all the time we spent there shooting, amid power cuts. Those are considered as a cyber-attack by the government of Nicolas Maduro against the opposition that holds the government responsible of a lack of infrastructure maintenance.

“The long night of Caracas” is a journey to Venezuela today, during the days when a hydroelectric failure left without light a whole country.

Next to the testimony of anonymous people, we talk to the young politicians, both, from the opposition to the ones representing the “Chavistas” in power.  They are known as the Generation of 2007, because they emerged from the University that year.  They were all classmates.  Juan Guaidó, Stalin González or Yon Goicoechea as leaders in the opposition.  Or Héctor Rodríguez or Ricardo Sánchez who support the Bolivarian Revolution.




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