The psyquiatrist of Aleppo

En Portada enters the psychiatrist of Aleppo, where many sick from the war live.

Bassam Haik, is the director of this institution, and he tells the Syrian conflict through their patients.  


Lost smiles, unconnected sentences, memories of battles and the naked truth.  All this can be found in “The psychiatrist of Aleppo”, a documentary filmed in the martyr city of the saint war in Syria.

“War affects to any single human being.  But for mental health patients is something different, because those people do not have anyone who takes care of them.  And war destroys everything of their lives, in their inside and their outside”.  Bassam Haik knows well what he is talking about.  Haik is the psychiatrist of Aleppo, and director of the Ibn Kahladoun Hospital, in a city devastated by war.

As a psychiatrist he has seen the worst of the human condition inside the walls of his hospital.  Men, women, adolescents… different generations of Syrians with their minds broken by war.  Patients to whom war took everything from them: their home and family.  Sick people who face, in solitude, the hard journey from sanity to delirium.

Beyond the physical destruction of cities, further over the hundreds of thousands of refugees, wars left behind an unfixable harm in many survivors.  Today, more than one million of Syrians suffer any kind of mental illness.  The UN estimates that the reconstruction of Syria could cost around 400 billion dollars.  But it is impossible to know the cost of healing the mental injuries caused by this conflict among the population.




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