The Rebel Kasbah

Argelia is in between a convulsed strategic area, where terrorism is still a threat. The stability of the country is a concern for the international community.

En Portada shows the Kasbah of Argel as a metaphore of the country itself.

Just like its mythical neighborhood, Argelia remains nowadays in oblivion, far from the big headlines in the news but surrounded by many challenges.

The succession of President Abdulaziz Bouteflika, out of the public scene since he suffered a stroke in 2013, is unleashing a silent internal struggle for power.

The Kasbah of Argel has been historically a territory with a certain rebelliousness. During the War of Independence against French colonialism, the Kasbah was the scenario where the famous battle of Argel took place. The fighters of the National Liberation Front carried out a fierce resistance against the French. During the 90s, the civil war that hit Argelia turned the Kasbah into a hostile and dangerous territory where very few dare to go through. Today, the Kasbah tries to recover part of the splendor of the old days. Declared in 1992 a Human Heritage Site by the UNESCO, its historical houses crumble while a new restauration plan is set up to keep the integrity of the neighborhood.




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