The virus that stopped Chile

En Portada depicts the before and after of Chile during COVID-19

At its winter’s door, there are more than 100,000 coronavirus contagions and around 1,000 deaths.

The coronavirus has stopped the October social upheaval, but the demands that provoked it are even more current.


Chile faces the austral winter with the latent coronavirus threat and with a big part of its society unhappy with the social and economic situation.

On October 18th 2019 Chile had the biggest social upheaval of its democracy.  The starting point was the raise on the metro ticket price, the most used public transport in the capital.  Under the slogan “Chile wake up” the country lived months of public demonstrations, pillaging and riots.  The clashes between demonstrators and the police caused about twenty deaths and thousands of injured and arrested.

The outbreak was halted with the first coronavirus cases.  But the lockdown has not made forget the discontent or the demands, among them the reform of the Constitution, whose plebiscite had to be postponed for next October 25th.  The country faces a difficult situation due to the raise in the coronavirus curve, while some of the protests return to the poorest neighborhoods, where hunger and lack of employment has pushed many to break the quarantine.




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