The water crisis

En Portada analyzes the challenges of the planet to guarantee, in the short term, its more valued asset.

There are water for everybody, but there is a bad distribution. It is not a problem of overpopulation but of its management.

The water is a universal right. Nevertheless, every year around 2 million people die for illnesses related to the lack of drinkable water.

Water is an essential element for all living beings and for human development, but it is also one of the most battered goods. Everybody needs it, but almost nobody put into practice the most basic measures to keep and take care of this good. We live surrounded by water, but less than 3% is drinkable and fit for human consumption. The concentration of human population in megalopolis and the climate change, with its influence on the raining cycles and agriculture, will force to revise, sooner than later, the water politics.

Universal access to water and its clean-up are two of the main objectives. But while we achieve the first one, little by little, the second one is far to be reached. We are all pending of a pact with nature




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