This is America...Is this America?

A collage of a polarized and unhappy society with the “establishment”, the old politicians.

En Portada travels to Arizona. The ground of John McCain hosts the most reactionary and progressive proposals.

The elections in the US arrived in a society defined by polarization and discontent with the establishment, the old politicians, considered to be far from their problems. We talk to anonymous people in Arizona to learn from inside what really worry to Americans.

Talia Fuentes and Steven Adkins symbolize this polarization. They are two young people trying to regenerate the Republican and Democrat parties from the base. They are the most enthusiastic face of a population suffering from pessimism. Far from the illusion of change that raised Barack Obama to the White House, the American society goes to the polls as if they have to choose the lesser of two evils. Fear rules in an election that raises very few passions.

A Vietnam veteran, a retired woman who “patrols” the streets to help the police, a group of Democrat friends who organize a vegetarian barbeque, a group of raiders who honors the fallen, a couple arrived from Philadelphia worried about the planet, an ex-policemen… all of them are part of the collage of This is America. They will help us to understand the phenomenon of Tump and the irruption of Bernie Sanders.




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