Under the same sun

From 2014 it has been taken place an unprecedented tide of violence against albinos in Malawi.

Last April was, according to International Amnesty, the bloodiest month in years. 4 albinos, among them a baby, were killed. This violence rang the international alarms. International Amnesty launched a campaign calling for Authorities in Malawi to investigate all deaths and missing of albinos. The asked for prosecution of the responsible ones and for the protection of the albino communities. The UN alerted also about the risk of extinction of this population if killings, kidnappings and disappearance of albinos do not stop.

“Under the same sun” is a trip to the hell that albinos live in this African country, their fears for the threats they have to face, the stigma and discrimination they suffer, but also their hope for a brighter future. Malawi is just an example of what happens to this black people with white skin in many other African countries. Some witch doctors believe that their bones, their skin or their hair have special powers, or that their blood brings well-being and sometimes good luck. Big amounts of money could be offered for albinos.




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