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The 5G technology will change our lives.  It is not clear yet if it will be for the good.


During the next years, we will witness to the spread of a new technology that presents itself as revolutionary: 5G.  A new generation of mobile and wireless communication that will bring more speed, and over all a minimum latency or time of reaction.

The 5G will open the door to a new industrial revolution, the internet of things, and a global connection.  Besides, it will develop virtual and augmented reality whose applications will be multiple, from medicine to leisure.

But 5G will also have other consequences in our lives.  Each of us already generate a big amount of data through our mobile devices, but those will be multiplied with 5G.  This data has both sides: on one side they are an asset as they allow the operation of multiple devices with useful utilities, but on the other hand they raise not only technological but ethical, political or economic issues.  The one who controls and knows the multiple data we generate every day knows every detail of our private life.  And with 5G and the internet of things, our privacy disappear.

Besides, this technology and the data are a strategic sector.  Today, the United States and China are fighting to lead.  The visible face of this is the Chinese company Huawei, who controls one third of the patents related to the development of 5G.




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