War on lies.

War on lies tackles a new way to prove lies related to conflicts wrong using open sources through the internet.

New technologies, with mobile devices and internet access, allow to document in real time what happens anywhere in the world and share it online. War on lies deals with this new way to investigate conflicts, even though these happen in far inaccessible places: the research based on open sources, based on what is posted online and accessible to anyone.

The protagonist of War on lies are pioneers in this new field: with their researches they are taking to the public atrocities made during the War of Syria and other armed conflicts. They put new technologies to the service of human rights to document those crimes. The aim is to have evidences to take the culprits to court.

Using the geolocalization of different aerial shots, different experts will help the internauts to use the best technique to check the authenticity and localization of those images.




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