We, the damaged ones

Teodora Vázquez spent 10 years in prison after suffering a non-hospital delivery


El Salvador is one of the countries with the toughest rules against abortion.  



“They will not silence me anymore.  Now I am going to talk.  I am going to tell all we had to go through the women we have been discriminated”.  Teodora Vázquez said this to En Portada, she spent 10 years in prison for losing a child during a delivery outside a hospital.  Neither the hardship in jail nor the long punishment broke Teodora.


El Salvador is one out of 19 countries in the world where abortion is forbidden, without admitting any assumption and they enforce a tough legislation.  In many occasions we find long, questionable and unfair sentences.


The big paradox, as it happened to Teodora, is that even abortion is punished with up to 8 years in prison, many women are sentenced with more than 30 years, accused of aggravated homicide after suffering an obstetric emergency without any medical aid.


This is the same case of Evelyn Hernández or Jacqueline Castillo, two women who awaits at Ilopango prison, close to San Salvador, the revision to their sentences.  Or Maria Figueroa, Elsi Rosales or Imelda Cortez, who obtained freedom last year thanks to the role of other women, like the Citizen Association, that works in the revision of 23 cases and the international  pressure.  But also the tenacity of other women who suffered from this in first-hand.




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