Willcomen Refugees

En Portada deals with the dozen of thousands of refugees established in Germany.

This is a huge challenge not only for the country but for the Chancellor Angela Merkel.

Willkommen, refugees. The challenge, was recorded in October 2015 in the South of Germany. The tide of refugees arrived in August opened a crisis in the European Union for the distribution of migrants and treatment received by some countries that obstructed and restricted their way. The final destination for the big majority of migrants, escaping war, terror, persecution, hunger or poverty is Germany. The generous policy for absorbing these refugees, and the traditional welcoming German culture help this. It is estimated that by the end of the year, another million of refugees will arrive.

Germany faces big economic, educative, cultural, social or working challenges. A big defy with question as if it is possible to integrate hundreds of thousands of people arrived from abroad in such a short period of time. Is Germany able to get it as Merkel assured? Will this cost her the office? It may be too early to know. We have visited Bavaria, the region where most of the refugees coming from the Balkans arrive.

Willkommen, refugees. The challenge is a radiography of how a society sets off to welcome those who have lost it all and start their integration as soon as possible.




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