Between Two Worlds: The Story of Gonzalo Guerrero

Gonzalo Guerrero, a Spanish soldier that by the whims of destiny became a Mayan leader in the sixteenth century, whose military training restrained the conquest of the Yucatan Peninsula for more than twenty years.

We bring to consideration if he was a traitor or a hero. Chronicles of that period will discover a surprising truth, a love history that would end up uniting two worlds destined to face each other. He becomes the first European to form a family among the Mayan people.

We will undertake a trip to the Mayan and Spanish societies during those exciting and complex times in which hunger, religious beliefs, honor and greed were mixed, writing tragic and heroic pages of History.

Shipwrecks, conquerors, lost cities, pre-Columbian soldiers, millenarian cultures, arts, science and religion melt in this exciting story.

This is the story of how a single island turns into the last mammal’s sanctuary.


Spanish, English




1 x 52


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Minotauro, Teveunam, Sherefe producciones, Bravo studios