Haramain, the train of the desert

Saudi Arabia. A desert of sand and rocks with temperatures of more than 50º.  The Hight Speed Railway to Mecca is a journey inside one of the most awesome  projects: a high-speed train able to cross the desert.DDD

We will witness incredible stories of effort and adaptation from a climatic, industrial, human and cultural point of view.  We will discover a bold and emblematic challenge that has overcome the most extreme conditions.  From Mecca to Medina, through Madrid, we will discover an international engineering work developed by 12 companies that demonstrates the magnitude and challenges of the construction and start-up of a high-speed train in Saudi Arabia to serve one of the most important religious phenomena in the  world: the pilgrimage to Mecca.

A construction that requires industrial machinery, precision, latest technology and highly qualified professionals, in very demanding conditions.  A business challenge with different cultures that has mobilized thousands of people of more than 15 nationalities.



Spanish, English


Engineering, Science


1 x 60'






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