Iceland, the power of the Earth

Iceland – an icy island bordering the Arctic Circle and one of the most active volcanic landscapes on the planet – is today an example of a green country, drawing on the heat from the ground to supply light and heating to its approximately 330,000 inhabitants, providing an unlimited and practically free energy source for its citizens. This country is a global model in the use and exploitation of geothermal energy, with advanced technology that has improved the lives of its inhabitants, who can boast of effectively and cleanly heating their chilly temperatures without resorting to fossil fuels.

In the era of combating climate change, we focus on this Nordic country, a pioneer in the utilization of this clean energy, and we ask what requirements other European regions must meet to replicate this attractive model. Scientists and experts are clear: Spain tops the list of countries with all the necessary elements to benefit from these energy advantages. Specifically, the Canary Islands lead the way among active volcanic regions, and in this documentary, we showcase the initial advancements and explorations being conducted on these islands to add new global territories that generate clean energy, which can improve citizens’ lives and provide greater and better guarantees for the future of the planet.



English, Spanish


Science, Environmental


1 x 60'




Videoreport Canarias