Journey to Arabia

For the first time in recent history, an expedition has crossed the whole Arabian Peninsula to unveil the true essence of a fascinating and unknown region. Arabia has some of the most extreme deserts in the planet, and on its arid geography, a powerful civilization has developed and today is opening to the rest of the world.

Through an exceptional journey, the adventurer and geophysicist Pasquale Scaturro and the photographer Michel L’Huillier, visit the most emblematic locations in the Middle East. They come into contact with a society marked by the influence of Islam and by the contradictions between tradition and modernity.

The ARABIA documentary portrays the expedition in three phases: from Damascus to Jeddah, from Jeddah to Shibam, and from Shibam to United Arab Emirates. We visit some of the most impressive vestiges of the Arabia like the Nabatean city of Petra, and we cross the most arid desert in the Planet, the Rub Al-Khali, also known as “the Empty Quarter” – with sand dunes higher than the Eiffel Tower and the highest temperatures on the Planet-.

The expedition is formed by experienced professionals. The main characters are the well-known geophysicist and adventurer Pasquale Scaturro who has explored the natural resources of the Arabian Peninsula and has leaded many expeditions to the most remote places on Earth; and Michel L’Huillier, photographer for the best international travel magazines.

Ep. 1: Syria & Jordan
Ep. 2: Saudi Arabia & Yemen
Ep. 3: Oman & United Arab Emirates

Ep. 4: Summary


Spanish, English, French


Anthropology, Travel, Cultures


4 x 52






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