Kings from an Enchanted Africa

In this documentary of 52 minutes length, we will travel to an African region that looks like the scene of a fairytale. From the Coast of the Gold to the Coast of the Slaves and up North, to the Saharan region of the Double V in the Niger River; we will enter in the court of kings that still fight to maintain the rules of local law. Some keeps a real power, as the King of the Ashanti in Ghana, while others have become guides for the community. But in any case, all are respected because they are the religious leaders and are considered as the speakers of the beyond, those who are closer to the spirits.

In this African region, magic has an important role. This is an enchanted land. People live among sorcerers and witches. Nothing happens randomly; everything, no matter how accidental it seems, is the result of the action of spirits.

Kings, sorcerers, princes and knights that ride along the Great Savannah with their horses, harnessed in a medieval style, will be our hosts in this trip to a wonderful world, so far away in distance as in time.


Spanish, English, French




1 x 52






Explora Films