Magellan's Wild World

In this documentary, we will travel to many of the world’s most far and hidden places in our planet, those that were visited by Magellan and his crew during the first ever round-the-world trip, 500 years ago. There we will discover the secrets of those last paradises, places full of life and pure nature.

Using cutting-edge technology, and onboard a replica of the Victoria ship, the only surviving vessel of the expedition, MAGELLAN’S WILD WORLD, explores more than a dozen of different Eden, showing the behavior of the most iconic animals living those remote places: the mysteries of the Brazilian forests, the Philippines or Borneo, and the edge of the world in Patagonia, the last frontier of the African continent, in the Cape of Good Faith, or the remote islands of the South Pacific, among many others…



English, Spanish


Wildlife, Nature


1 x 60'




Green Dreams Films