Mozarabs, the forgotten heritage

Cordoba, Spain. With just a glance over this fascinating city and its surroundings, it will be enough to get an idea of the many people and civilizations that settled here, Tartesians, Carthaginians, Romans, Vandals, Visigoths and Arabs, one after another.

In Cordoba the first Christianity of the Iberian Peninsula took seat, after the Islamic invasion. Religion, laws and customs of the faithful Christian people survived, they were known as the Mozarabs.

This believing and self-sacrificing people kept their culture the ancient liturgy that came from the East in the early centuries of the Church, the rites, traditions and writings of the wise fathers, as well as their culture.

None of that was lost, thanks to communities of brave men and women, authentic and sacrificed.

And all that is for us a legacy that today must be rescued and recognized.



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