Rain Forest, Jungle Seeds

A new hope to the most endangered species of the planet is born inside the cities. Jungle Seeds is a documentary film that will introduce us to the zoo-immersion, a new way of understanding the zoos. Making use of a group of gorillas’s transfer coming from the Rotterdam’s zoo, we will discover the complexity of those parks where they are looking for the animals living in an ambiance of semi-liberty similar to their original habitats. With the keepers, zoologists and veterinaries we will get close to strange animals that will make us understand the complexity of these jungles created in the core of a city; the challenge of making understand to the visitants the richness of what is shown there; how hazardous is to open a zoo where the visitant is who must move to the inner part of the different jungles of the world and stand patiently to discover the different creatures that thrive among the shades. This is not a conventional zoo. Is an invitation at the core of the jungle. And an open door for hope to the most endangered species that inhabit it.


Spanish, English




1 x 52


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Explora Films / Rain Forest