Shaman: the Medicine of the Soul

Since the beginning of time there have been men who possess special sensitivities that make them capable of interpreting and feeling the influence of nature and the energies that surround them. They are the Shamans, people that have the power to communicate with the ultra-sensitive world, to see past the horizon, to learn from plants and animals, and above all to guide and alleviate the ailments of their fellow men. This documentary invites you to get to know Shamans from the five continents. You will learn about the altered states of consciousness that permit the shaman to communicate with other worlds. You will witness physical and psychic healing. You will delve into ancestral rituals with visionary plants, such as the yopo of the Amazon, the Sanpedro of the Andean high plateau of Peru, or the iboga found in the heart of Africa. You will attend voodoo ceremonies, exorcisms and magical demonstrations that cannot be explained. A passionate journey through the history of traditional medicine until the present day, that is both seductive and thought provoking.


Spanish, English




1 x 52


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