The Celtic Legacy

With the Castro de Baroña as the central element of the story, we describe the unique culture of the “castros,” which originated in what today is the autonomous region of Galicia, in northwestern Spain.
We go back in history to the Stone Age and compare the Galician settlements with those of England, Ireland, and Scotland, with particular attention to Stonehenge. Dolmens, burial mounds, and stelae reveal to us the evolution of the first inhabitants of Galicia.
The Celtic heritage was decisive in the culture of the castros. We move forward in history through the fortified castros influenced by the migrations from the south, by Mediterranean peoples such as the Phoenicians and Tartessians. Aerial photography and animated maps will show us the territory they lived in.
Through 3-D recreations and scenes with actors and extras, we will gradually reveal what their lives were like, what gods they believed in, and what enemies they faced.
The period of Romanization has left us examples of the art of the castro culture which reveal to us the most determinant features of their lives: stone sculptures that speak to us of their warriors; gold and silver work that show the level of refinement that they reached; and pottery, whose iconography allows us to discover their daily habits.
Despite their armed resistence to the Roman Empire, the people of the castros were absorbed and romanized like so many other peoples, but their singularity persists for all time.


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