The Last Hunters

The series is composed by five documentary films created around the idea of the last hunters and the last communities that struggle to survive in the edge of globalization. An anthropological and magical approach to the relationship between humankind and nature, where the hunt takes an important and significant position.

EP. I: Mongolia
Up in the mountains of Mongolia, the Berkutschis live according to their transhumance by following the seasons of hunt. In autumn they train young eagles to prepare them for the winter hunt season. A story about majesty, grandiosity and freedom where eagles, horses and wolfs are the protagonists. The hunt is no longer a matter of survival but a matter of respect and honor.
EP. II: Namibia
In the arid Namib desert from Namibia, the San live since long time ago. According to their spirituality everything takes a value, a place to be and a reason to happen. Thanks to their wisdom, the San have learned to live in extreme conditions. They follow footsteps from Antelopes spending patiently day longs after the prey. Their lives evolve in these parameters, day to day, in the vast region of the Savanna.
EP. III: Cameroon
Honey collectors and hunters, the Pygmies live since centuries in the rainforest of Cameroon. Their beautiful art of fishing by singing and drumming the water and their impressive way of hunting and collecting honey, creates a captivating and fascinating story. The Yengui, the spirit of the jungle will reveal the destiny of the community.
EP. IV: Ecuador
The film is a journey into the deepness of the rainforest, where we meet the Waoranis and we merge completely into the traditional way of life of this ancient community: back to hunting and to the ancient art of fishing. This old age way of life still survives on agriculture, hunting and fishing. These are the last hunters, lost in the grandiosity of the jungle, still preserving their community and what belongs to them.
EP. V: Siberia
This film tells the story of a man that has to face his fortune; to become a hunter, probably one of the last hunters that live in Chukotka, Siberia. But, what would it happen if he decides not to go hunting? This question will be answered while we travel from northern lights and snow covered landscapes to the summer and the finally hunt; the whale hunt.






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