Water Stories

A journey East to West, crossing the South of Spain, from the birth of Guadalquivir River to its mouth.  This will be the axis of this documentary that will try to look for stories related to water, the flora and fauna, the traditions and festivities, ancient jobs, the economy, the architecture, the sports, or the History of a region, and how they have managed to live with scarcity.

And its people, that next to the landscapes, are the real protagonists of this audiovisual journal.  And of course, the environment, always in the background of the film.  Without water there is no life, and in this part of the world there is plenty of it.  Water, as energy, neither it is created nor destroyed, it is transformed, from one state to another.  If we alter the balance, the consequences may be catastrophic, so this is a fantastic indicator of climate change, because it is the best measurer of terrestrial temperature.


English, Spanish


Society & Environment


1 x 90' & 8 x 30'




Sarao Films