World Bites

We have travelled to the remotest places all over the World
We have submerged into the coldest waters
We have survived the most inauspicious climates
Our cameras have filmed unbelievable creatures
Our filmmakers have shown amazing worlds.

You can live all those feelings again with this complete selection of fillers about Nature and Anthropology produced by Explora Films.

From the unexplored lands of the Madagascar jungles to the eternal steppes of Mongolia. From the astonishing traditions of the Hotis in the jungles of Venezuela to the curious flirting rituals of the Bororo mens in Niger. From the enigmatic Sadhus in India to the legendary Australian aborigines.
We will travel from the frozen lands of South Georgia to the isolated Galapagos islands.

We have travelled all around the world in search of the most shocking images and the most touching sequences in our planet. You can experience them all in this collection of fillers of our best wildlife and ethnography produced by Explora Films.


Spanish, English


Anthropology / Wildlife


From 1 up to 7 minutes






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