The Black Line

In this documentary we will travel to the domains of the ancient Tayrona civilization, in the middle Southwestern side of Sierra Nevada of Santa Marta, right next to the Colombian Caribbean, where the biggest concentration of Arhuaca people live.  During the documentary several fundamental aspects of this culture will be addressed, a genuinely spiritual civilization whose priority is the environmental conservation and the care for nature.

We will unveil the so-called Black Line, a territory that contains several interconnected sacred spaces, necessary for the survival and vital development of the natives of Sierra Nevada.  And we will analyze, within the Arhuaca philosophy and cosmovision, the importance of Mother Earth and some of their ancestral beliefs.

We will learn what a Mamo is, why the pagamentos are so important, what is a poporo, the importance of the coca leaf, the role of the women as pilar of the arhuaca identity, the way some of their rituals, meetings and community assemblies are, and their daily quotidian activities.   What a tutosoma is and the characteristics of male and female clothing.

We will try to raise some important questions such as the fact to look after the legacy of Mother Earth and to transmit, as undamaged as possible, the treasure given to the future generations, the regeneration power of nature despite the devastating human ambition, and the belief that not everything is lost if we manage to change our behavior toward nature.  Besides, aiming to raise awareness to the audience, some examples will be exposed, showing how the excesses deteriorate the environment and as opposed, the Arhuaco’s approach of territorial recovery, based on the creation of a “big network of alliances”, where we all could live without causing so much damage, developing an optimal environmental conservation.

THE BLACK LINE is a unique opportunity to find out how the Arhuacos are, how they live and how they think.  This people who inhabit in the Sierra Nevada of Santa Marta, in Colombia, considered by many as the center of the world and where, as per the Iku culture, the first human beings were created to keep and preserver the world’s balance.



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