The Sun's Kingdoms

The Sun is the main protagonist in the history of life on our planet, the King Star, influences all the wildlife that inhabits the Earth.

Few of us know that the amount of sunlight that each region of our planet receives throughout a year, although with different intensities, is practically the same.

This is something extremely vital without which animals and plants would have not been able to thrive here.

Through a trip around our planet, we will learn the unique story of how some of the living beings that inhabit it struggle to survive day by day.

We will travel from the remote jungles of Central America, where there are no seasons, to the arid lands of Australia and Namibia, where the sun beats down mercilessly. And we will cross different regions of North America, Europe and the Indian Subcontinent. Throughout this wonderful journey we will see how wildlife has managed to adapt to the changing seasonal cycles produced by the Sun. Although, probably, each and every one of its inhabitants is unaware that they owe their existence to the extraordinary energy that, in the form of light and heat, is given to them from this gigantic stellar torch.


English, Spanish


Nature, Wildlife


1 x 52




Green Dreams Films Entertainment