The Water Factor

In the 21st Century, mankind will have to tackle two challenges: the population explosion and the consequences of unstoppable climate change.

Access to healthy drinking water has always been one of humanity’s great problems, and in this century it is going to determine the survival and possibilities for development of millions of people.

Human life on our planet depends on potable water. Thanks to our ability to adapt and our inventiveness, he has been able to adapt to every climate imaginable – including, naturally, the absence or the superabundance of water.

The Water Factor offers the viewer a fascinating tour of various communities scattered over five continents, whose lives are marked by the conditions their inhabitants face to gain access to water: From the Gobi Desert to the artificial islands of Lake Titicaca, from the forests of Equatorial Africa to the rice paddies of the Mekong River, from the Orinoco River Basin to the shining cities built in the middle of the desert in the United Arab Emirates.


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